Dell And AMD Expand Business

Aron Schatz
August 17, 2006

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Dell will be carrying more AMD powered computers. This includes desktops and laptops. Wow, this is very interesting news. AMD is in a great position now. I'm sure with ATI's manufacturing plants producing AMD boards, Dell will have a single contact for the base system.


Dell already scrapped its longtime Intel exclusivity in May, committing to sell a four-processor server with AMD's Opteron by the end of the year. That's a relatively high-end niche for the Round Rock, Texas-based computer maker, but sources familiar with the company's plans expect a broader alliance to be announced Thursday afternoon, when Dell reports quarterly financial results. One source expected Dell to announce plans to sell dual-processor Opteron servers, a segment of the market with much higher sales volumes than for four-processor machines. Another expected the alliance to include desktop and notebook computers as well.


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