Broadcast Flag Attached to Telecom Bill

Aron Schatz
June 22, 2006

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Yet another one of these additions to a bill. We need a system that a bill handles a SINGLE issue. Riders and such are not good for these types of things. The bill is in for a vote today. I will be calling my senator in a few moments. I hope you do the same.


Congress is mandating the use of DRM, plain and simple. Although one part of the bill seems to give a nod to fair use, it's done in the same way as it was under the DMCA. Meaning, the bill ignores fair use. It reads that the FCC's regulation won't affect fair use rights-well, it won’t. Those fair use limitations still exist under the copyright law-but as we know well, DRM legally trumps fair use thanks to the DMCA.


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