Microsoft to Torpedo ODF in MA

Aron Schatz
June 19, 2006
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Microsoft found a way to get ODF support out of the state government. MA is pushing a bill that pushes the IT spending to the state CIO instead of the IT person. Smart move on MS' part. Lobbying is a bad part of this country.


The less (as in "not") noticed event relates to the passage of an important economic stimulus bill that for months had been stalled while Beacon Hill legislators debated a universal health coverage bill with a higher priority. The passage of the bill, of course, was widely reported. What wasn't noted (except by IBM's Bob Sutor at his blog and few, if any, others) is the fact that a certain amendment that had been added to the Senate version of the same bill last fall did not survive the final reconciliation of the Senate and House versions of the legislation. That amendment, if approved, would have dramatically curtailed the power of the State CIO to set IT standards policies (or any other IT or CT policy, for that matter). You can read all about that saga in this and a number of later entries in the OpenDocument blog entry folder.


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