Motherboard Monitor Update

November 5, 2001
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Looks like a new update for MBM. It has a few adjustment s to clear up some issues for some users that have been having problems. An excerpt-

To solve the 2 issues (slowdown of ME and exception error) issues with 5.1 which both where in the CPU usage code I have released It only changes 4 items, so if your okay with 5.1 then save yourself the download Smile

I have made this a quiet release as the few changes to not really justify a big release (mailing list, news pages etc etc.)

changes from 5.1 to

- Added on/off switch for the CPU usage, about 20 peoplein total had some troubles with this part of the code.By default this switch is turned off, so if you wantCPU usage turn it on

- Added switch to ignore scan for sensor chips at $2Eor $4E, so far only 1 user needs this

- Right click on dashboard will add/remove sidebar

- % sign is removed from log if you selected to nothave any symbols in the log file

You can download the new version here- MBM Download


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