The Via C3 Parody Video

November 4, 2001
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You might have heard all about the How Modern CPU's Cope With a Heat Emergency article at THG about how to cook yourself a cpu for breakfast and end up with an Athlon omlette. Of course AMD strikes back with another article posted at THG claiming the new palomino cores with a properly modified motherboard do in fact 'cope'. AMD Strikes Back Well chipset maker Via apparently has been sitting back watching the fireworks and gotten quite a laugh from the whole ordeal. Via as you may or may not have known has entered the cpu market now after buying up Cyrix and is currently offering the C3 cpu. At current die sizes as low as .13 microns and emitting a measly 11 watts of heat from a 800Mhz cpu, they tout it as a feature to take on chipzilla and chimpzilla. And to prove it, they have put out a little 7mb video. Roll that beautiful bean footage! C3 parody at Viahardware


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