Intel to push Centrino onto Consumers

Aron Schatz
February 23, 2004
Tags Computers

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Intel will start showing more ads that influence buyer to buy Centrino type notebooks. Having 802.11g standard is one of many reasons the Centrino hasn't been adopted by consumers. There are others such as the processor speed, Intel hasn't made it that clear that the Pentium M is faster at the same clock speed than the Pentium 4M.


The ads will tout the notebooks' ability to "unwire," or detach, from a power line and a modem or an Ethernet network cable, and to check e-mail or surf the Web using wireless networking. The Centrino bundle includes an 802.11 wireless module, along with the Pentium M processor and an Intel chipset. Centrino offered only the 802.11b standard, at first, but Intel recently upgraded it with a dual-band 802.11b/g module. The module has since been working its way into new notebook models.


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