DuPont OLED advancement

Aron Schatz
April 5, 2003
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We all see the news from OLED advancements and technology, but when will we ever see it in action? Increasing the lifetime of the OLED display is a major hurdle, but it seems that companies are doing it.


Under a joint program with Ewing, New Jersey-based Universal Display Corporation (UDC), DuPont DisplaysÂ’ Experimental Station has developed solution-processed devices (soluble OLED material sets) that contain green phosphorescent emitters with electrical efficiencies of 65cd/A, representing a major step that will further lead to its commercialization. The company also has demonstrated red and blue devices with electrical efficiencies of 10cd/A and 4cd/A, respectively. In addition, extrapolating from accelerated aging tests, DuPont DisplaysÂ’ Santa Barbara research team is confident that it has demonstrated a representative set of red, green and blue materials that exhibits 10,000 hours of lifetime.

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