Gigabit networks cards on the cheap

Aron Schatz
March 29, 2003
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I think I had a news post on this awhile ago. By Q3 of this year, 1000 mbit cards will be only $10. I wouldn't mind switching to gigabit speeds now that I got my fileserver with a 180GB hard drive. Yummy.

[QUOTE]Peter Pan, senior vice president of Edimax Technology, said Realtek will launch its GbE MAC/PHY single-chip solution in the coming weeks at an estimated quote price of around US$4-5. The pricing is half the US$8-10 charged by Marvell Semiconductor and Broadcom, according to sources. It is estimated that in the third quarter the quote price of a GbE card powered by Realtek’s single chip will dip below US$10 from the current US$20.[/QUOTE


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