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Aron Schatz
January 29, 2003
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Pretty light day for reviews. Speaking of Lights, did you see the UVs here? Anyway, I'm just going to finish up the User Articles soon and then work on system. Comments are pretty much working and will be added to systems soon. All in all, it has been a pretty good programming week. I've also fixed a bug that made changing your username impossible, that's fixed. Anything else, you know where to reach me at.

A really nice case mod @ OCHardware.
OCZ PC 3500 @ NexusHardware.
Logitech Z640s @ Designtechnica.
Geil PC3500 @ Monster-Hardware.
iRock Bling @ Viperlair.
HighSpeed PC TX50 Wearable USB Drive @ MTB.
Belkin wireless mouse and keyboard @ 3DV.


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