Geforce FX reviews

Aron Schatz
January 27, 2003
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Seems that today is the Geforce FX day.

We believe that this NVIDIA card is ahead of its time and for sure we have an interesting few months coming up - these are going to be the best you can get at the moment

The Bottom Line: The GeForceFX 5800 Ultra is a very hot and noisy beast that may give you a bit of an edge over the current king of the hill, the ATI 9700 Pro in some applications. If you are an NVIDIA fanboy, this of course has your name all over it.

As we mentioned at the start of our GeForce FX Preview - "Kudos to ATI."

For nVidia, GeForceFX represents a return to at the very least performance parity with ATI. For ATI however, Radeon 9700 Pro looks strong versus GeForceFX, and these results show just how much performance ground nVidia had lost to ATI when Radeon 9700 Pro first shipped.

If you own a R9700 Pro, don't buy it. And just wait till the enhanced DX9 cores come out from ATI.


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