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Aron Schatz
January 26, 2003
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What a boring day, not much computer news. Ohh well, this'll hold you over till after the big game. BTW, who is going to win?

Man vs Machine, again!


For chess and programming buffs, the $1-million, man-versus-machine match carries the glitz of a Las Vegas boxing bout. Deep Junior hasn't lost to a human in two years; Kasparov has been the world's top-rated human player for the past 18.

Crossbreading done wrong? (Actually, Genetics)


Figuring out why birds have such an amazing variety of beak styles is integral to the study of evolution. One of Charles Darwin's most famous observations during his 1835 visit to the Galapagos Islands was that finches were subtly different depending on where they lived on the chain of pristine, volcanic islands. His analysis of differences such as the beak size and type led to his theory of evolution through natural selection.

SCORE launched from Pegasus airplane.


The $122 million mission is designed to help scientists understand the Sun's role in climate change here on Earth by measuring the amount of solar energy reaching the planet as our nearest star radiates through its various cycles.

Moon points to planets.


On Monday, Jan. 27 the Moon will visit Mars. On Tuesday it will pass near Venus and on Wednesday you can use the slender lunar sliver to point the way to Mercury. If your local weather cooperates it may be worth setting your alarm for about an hour before sunrise; then simply head out and take a look toward the southeast sky.

The majority of news even at normal space and science sites was the internet traffic bug. What a bummer.


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