Waterblock roundup

Aron Schatz
October 3, 2002
Tags Cooling

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19 waterblocks tested at [H]. They even through in some Peltier action for the added benefit.

[QUOTE]Our original intent with this round up was to determine which block performed the "best". What we ended up with was great cooling performances from 5 of the best water blocks around that fell within a few degrees of each other throughout testing. This may seem like it would make deciding on a block that much harder, but in truth, it simply forces you to consider other factors in making your choice. Quality, craftsmanship, visual appeal, even things like where the company is located now becomes a deciding factorÂ…because after all, if the performance of all five blocks are virtually identical, it all boils down to personal preference, doesnÂ’t it?[/QUOTE:103367495


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