AMD 762 Chipset Tweaking

August 8, 2002
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Got an AMD dually board? This is a highly technical article that isn't for the faint of heart, but if you are into getting the absolute best performance out of your system this will explain it quite well. It deals with tweaking the same chipset registers that the bios uses when your system boots up. If you are familiar with the H.Oda programs WPCREDIT and WPCRSET, then you'll know just how capable this program is at getting at all those bios tweaks that aren't in the bios setup.

AMD 762 Chipset Tweaking (MP/MPX) Guide

In this article we are going to look at improving the performance of the AMD's 760MP/MPX chipset which is designed for multi processor use. We have been digging into the white papers on this chipset over the past week to try and find out every last thing we could about this chipset and then figure out how all of you power hungry madmen with the duallies can make it run even faster! If you've been around this site for very long you know all about chipset registers by now.


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