Ti 4200: 64mb vs 128mb

Aron Schatz
July 29, 2002
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Hard|OCP wonders what's better to have.


Generally comparing a 64MB Ti 4200 to a 128MB Ti 4200 we found the results in performance to be a mixed bag depending on the game in question. In 3DMark2001SE the conclusion is pretty much that more RAM is beneficial when AA is implanted, otherwise its speed over size. Quake3 is definitely happy with 64MB of DDR, more is not needed as speed takes precedence over size. Serious Sam 2 seemed to prefer more core speed with anisotropic filtering since there is so much overdraw with the anisotropic filtering on the GF4 cards. Jedi Knight 2 turned the tables, however, showing us that more RAM was a benefit rather then higher speed RAM. There was a tremendous difference with a 128MB card vs. a 64MB card in the higher resolutions. Code creatures also displayed this trend. With newer games no doubt more memory has the added benefit of squeezing more information into the frame buffer without having to texture out to local RAM. And with a little overclocking both cards are able to reach past Ti 4400 clock speeds and benchmark results.


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