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July 24, 2002
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There is a short review of the Thermaltake GF4 copper heatsink over at Extreme Overclocking. Can this new offering from Thermaltake cool off these new hotter running GPU's to so you boost those 3DMark scores into the stratosphere?

Thermaltake has been making various cooling solutions for computers for some time, mainly providing CPU coolers. Recently Thermaltake has diversified into other areas as well to provide cooling for all PC components such as hard-drives, cases, and chipsets. With the release of the GeForce 4 by NVIDIA, Thermaltake has again came to the rescue and released another cooler. It is called the "Thermaltake GeForce 4 Highest Performance Cooler". This is their solution to the high heat produced by today's graphics cards which can shorten the life of your card and limit overclocking abilities.

They also have a tweak guide for 3DMark posted in thier forums once you get that cooler installed. Linkage

*Sidenote*-I'd also like to add from my own personal experience that any aftermarket cooler won't do jack squat above a few degrees better than the stock, due to the fact that GPU's (and mobo chipsets for that matter too) hare a notoriously uneven surface and if you've read anything about how thermal compound works it's capabilities are severely limited in what it can do to improve heat transfer if the gap it is filling between the HSF and the GPU (or chipset) is far to great to be of any real value. I usually find that the corners are raised up leaving the center of the chip which is the hottest part of the chip with a huge gap. It's a tricky manuever due to the crowded neighborhood around these chipsets, but if you are an extremeist sanding these chips flat is the only way your going to get any kind of decent improvement in cooling and put the true capabilities of that new cooler to use.

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