Xperia Play (Playstation Phone) On Verizon?

Aron Schatz
February 9, 2011

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It seems that Wirefly spilled the beans on the network that the Sony Xperia Play will be on. I wonder, who will be buying this phone? It might be one of those jack of all trades, master of none, type of deals... Or it could be the greatest thing to happen to mobile gaming. Who knows... Actually, I do. Sony's history of past systems yields my thoughts to lean to the failure category. Remember Sony, once people buy the device, they own it!


Verizon customers could have a tough choice to make. After all, the Xperia Play is no slouch when it comes to specs. The phone will come with Android 2.3 Gingerbread installed right out of the box. A 4 inch LCD display weighs in with resolution at 480 x 854, and there is a front-facing camera. Of course, you can't forget that slide-sliding game controller that has game players excited.

Is Wirefly's intelligence correct? By Sunday evening, we should know. Sony Ericsson has had its troubles finding a carrier to subsidize its smartphones in the U.S., but because the Xperia Play is so unique, the joint-venture does have a good shot at getting a major U.S. carrier to sign on the dotted line.

Mobile World Congress is set for this weekend and that's when many new phones will be announced and released.



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