Sandy Bridge, Now With DRM?

Aron Schatz
January 3, 2011

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There's an article at CNET that says the new Sandy Bridge CPUs have new security features to prevent you from viewing content you own. I see, we've come full circle. Now the computer can tell you how to operate instead of the other way around.


Access to Hollywood content is also baked into the chip--a technology called Intel Insider. "This will unlock premium high-definition content, like movies, to your PC," Kilroy said. "We've gone out and engaged with the studios. So, you'll see Warner Bros. and Fox at launch [of Sandy Bridge] and several other studios to come. They're eagerly embracing this platform as a distribution means for premium high-end content--as Internet content [offered] directly to the end user."

Kilroy continued. "What Intel Insider does is deliver HD digital distribution rights to the PC. This could be enabled through multiple content storefronts through OEMs (PC makers), retailers like Best Buy. Essentially, the PC now becomes an on-ramp for HD 1080p movies," he said.

And Intel has added security features to protect the content. "And we've built in security capability into this platform that will enable end-to-end hardware protection for the content. So, it will protect the premium content rights of the studios," according to Kilroy.

Wait, I should be excited by this? Why should I be excited by technology that disabled my ability to do something? What they call security is shoddy DRM. Looks like the Hollywood dream of end-to-end encryption is nearly here. Thanks for the help, Intel!



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