Windows On Arm, Possible?

Aron Schatz
December 22, 2010

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We're not talking about Windows CE or embedded products. Microsoft is hinting (or was leaked) that they are making a real copy of Windows for ARM. The Windows ecosystem is all x86, though. One of the biggest things going for Microsoft is the backwards compatibility of most software. We'll see if this happens.


Bloomberg, which broke the news this afternoon, reported that sources familiar with Microsoft's plans said this version of Windows will continue to work on x86 processors, but that it should improve battery performance on devices like tablets and other devices that use ARM processors.

Additional confirmation of Microsoft's plans came from The Wall Street Journal, which added that this new version will not be available for another two years. CNET heard similar reports from a source who added that Microsoft plans to detail this version of Windows at an invite-only press event several hours ahead of its CES keynote.



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