Ubuntu May Move To Rolling Releases

Aron Schatz
November 24, 2010

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This is a bad move if it comes to pass. It looks like Ubuntu is eying a move to a rolling release instead of the 6 month schedule. Some people may applaud this, but I do not. The release cycle and stable releases give people the ability to stick with something that works.

There are times that something changes in the Kernel that breaks a piece of hardware or even hardware support is removed for older hardware. Having a rolling release is a bad idea for the most part. The only plus side is that most of the user space programs will be kept current, but that is mostly done already.


Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth told press recently that a move to daily updates would help the popular Linux disto keep pace with an increasingly complex software and platform ecosystem as Ubuntu goes on more devices and syncs up Android and iPhones.

Software Center - barely a year old - is leading these changes, and Shuttleworth has promised this would "go further and faster than people might have envisioned in the past."

"Today we have a six-month release cycle," Shuttleworth said. "In an internet-oriented world, we need to be able to release something every day.

"That's an area we will put a lot of work into in the next five years. The small steps we are putting in to the Software Center today, they will go further and caster than people might have envisioned in the past."


A tip: You don't need to reinstall every 6 months on a new release. You can just upgrade or keep the same /home directory and everything will be the same as it was. This is what I do.



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