Go Daddy Scam Warning

Aron Schatz
May 1, 2002
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I just got this in my email this morning. Everyone that registered thier domain with Go Daddy should be careful.

Dear Valued Go Daddy customer,

Tuesday morning, alert Go Daddy customers notified me that another scammer is after your personal information. Our legal team is already working with the FBI to take any and all appropriate action.

In the meantime, I want to make sure you're informed and protected. Here are the details of the scam:

Someone is sending emails to our recent .US domain registrants. The emails are disguised as coming from " sales@godaddy.com ". This is a legitimate Go Daddy email address, but these emails are not coming from us.

The scammer's email instructs recipients to divulge - via fax - their Go Daddy account login, user name and password; their Social Security Number; and proof of address. The pretence provided is that this information is needed to verify eligibility for the .US domain. Again, the scammers are requesting this information be sent to a fax number in Nevada.

I want you to know two things: First, Go Daddy would never ask for this information, in any form, period. We'd never ask for your Social Security number. And we never ask you to fax or mail us your personal information.

Second, the scammers did not get your email contact information from Go Daddy. Scam artists constantly probe the "Whois" database, the central repository of ownership information for all domain name owners. (You can think of the Whois database as being the Internet equivalent of your local County Recorder's office. Real estate ownership information is required by law to be public; it's the same with domain name ownership

I won't speculate as to the intent of these scammers, but it can't be good. So please: If you receive one of the emails I've described above (or any other communication that makes you suspicious in the future) please do not respond to them! Instead, forward them to the special address I've set
up: alert@godaddy.com

Your best protection against scammers is awareness. So please stay on guard, and if you receive any communication that strikes you as suspicious, forward it to alert@godaddy.com


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