TheOpenCD project hopes to convert Windows users by giving them a taste of Free Software

Aron Schatz
April 30, 2002
Tags Software

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After a strong response to his guest commentary on NewsForge/, a Ph.D. student in astrophysics from Great Britain is launching TheOpenCD project, an effort to convert Windows users to Open Source software by passing out CDs with Windows versions of popular Free Software packages on them.
Omma's original idea for the project was to provide a convenient ISO image, so Open Source advocates could burn their own CDs to give to friends and schools. While he believes that's a good way to start, he thinks there may be a market for mass-produced CDs as well. "I think that the companies already specializing in this sort of burning will fill this need, so there should be no need for a centralized production at the moment," he says. "We can simply link to those companies. This saves us from having to deal with real-world logistics and real-world expenses and incomes, and makes it easier to treat this simply as a community project and not as a business."



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