Sim City 4 Preview

Aron Schatz
April 30, 2002
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I had every Sim City, but 3000 left something to be desired...

After years of banking on the success of the immensely popular The Sims games, Maxis is finally returning to the series that put the company on the map. Originally released some 13 years ago, Will Wright's SimCity offered eager players an opportunity to build a city from scratch in their own image. Sure, it may not seem like such a big deal now, but in 1989, SimCity was nothing short of groundbreaking. In the years since, Maxis has released a pair of follow-ups to SimCity, but while they were quite fun and very successful, neither of them caused as big a splash as the original game did. Now, well over a decade a later, Maxis is preparing the fourth installment in the SimCity franchise, a game that the company hopes will have the same effect today that the original game had in its time. Maxis plans to unveil SimCity 4 at E3 in a few weeks, but we have some early details on this truly impressive game right now.
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