DDR3 module prices to fall to near US$20 by end-2010

Daniel Doty
November 1, 2010

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Wow, this could be great news for anyone wishing to upgrade there system memory in the next few months! According to Digitimes, it could plummet to an amazing $26-$27US by the end of 2010!!!


After having slid lately, contract prices for 2GB DDR3 modules are likely to be further dragged down by continued weak end-market demand, according to sources at DRAM makers. Contract quotes for mainstream DRAM modules may trend down to near US$20 by the end of 2010, driving the price of 1Gb DDR3 chips to almost US$1 close to the "break point" for Taiwan-based providers, the sources indicated.

Late October contract prices for 1Gb DDR3 chips plunged to average US$1.53, with quotes in the low range falling below the US$1.50 mark. For 2GB modules, quotes were in the US$26-27 range, down 10-15% sequentially.

This is some great news for many enthusiasts wanting to "bump" up their system RAM, and if you would like to read more about this, jump over to the Digitimes Bits & Chips article on this!



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