Windows 7 sells 240 million copies in first year.

Daniel Doty
October 22, 2010

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Windows 7 is celebrating its first year, and Microsoft has something to really celebrate. In a Windows blog by Brandon LeBlanc it is reported that Microsoft has sold more than 240 million copies of the Windows 7 operating system.

Here is what Brandon had to say in the first part of this blog:


Today’s an exciting day! We are announcing that more than 240 million licenses of Windows 7 have been sold. Windows 7 is the fastest selling operating system in history. As of September, Windows 7 was running on 93% of new consumer PCs and has over 17% global OS market share (according to Net Applications as of October 1st). There is an amazing array of great PCs out on the market today. Six months after launch, 100% (over 18,000) of our OEM partners were selling Windows 7 PCs versus 70% for Windows Vista PCs at a comparable time period. And there is an incredible ecosystem of products – software and hardware – that work great with Windows 7 too. You can check out and discover many of those products at Windows Product Scout which was announced yesterday.

For the complete blog posting head over to the Windows Blog site and check it out.



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