Apple Loses Cover Flow Patent Case

Aron Schatz
October 4, 2010

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Apple has been ordered to pay quite a bit of damages to a company called Mirror Worlds LLC. The patents cover displaying digital documents. Apple has extensive software patents and use them to bully other companies. Now they are on the receiving end. Still, software patents should not exist. It goes against the spirit of the Constitution and against the innovation that takes place in the information technology field.


Apple Inc. is challenging a jury verdict last week in which the computer maker was ordered to pay as much as $625.5 million to Mirror Worlds LLC for infringing patents related to how documents are displayed digitally.

Apple asked U.S. District Judge Leonard Davis for an emergency stay of the Oct. 1 verdict, saying there are outstanding issues on two of the three patents. Apple said patent owner Mirror Worlds would also be “triple dipping” if it were able to collect $208.5 million on each of the patents.



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