Sony possibly working on an external BC adapter for the PS3

Logan King
September 15, 2010
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Well, nobody saw this one coming. Sony has patented an external device that allows you to play PS2 games on a PS3. The device contains RAM, CPU and GPU, but no disc slot, as the PS3 will spin the disc. But while first impressions may suggest this is an unnecessary and expensive method for playing what can almost be classed as retro games, it's actually the best method from a gamer's perspective.

I wouldn't advise you to actually read the article, though. Tons of incorrect information about the way the original PS3 BC worked.


I'm okay with this. Basically, it works the same way that the launch PS3 did, only with the PS3 connected to an external box to do the actual PS2 processing. So long as Sony doesn't get obnoxious with the pricing ($50 would be the sweet spot, considering it probably costs Sony $20 to make the components that go into it), I think this is probably the best solution for all. It might even relight the fire under the PS2 market that Sony keeps saying isn't dead. I would obviously prefer an SKU with it integrated, particularly now that we have the cooler-running and supposedly-more-reliable Slim PS3, but I suppose this is a good compromise.

Also, if Sony are really nice and make it region free (unlike the original PS3 BC), I would snap one up in an instant, even though I own a CECHA PS3.
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