KT333 vs. KT266a

Aron Schatz
May 19, 2002

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PC Stats gives you the scoop on why the KT266a may out perform the KT333 in some situations.

With everything at stock speeds, the KT333CE performs about 1-5% faster then the KT266A chipset which is what we expect. The tide turns once the FSB is upp'ed to 166 MHz! With the 1/2.5 AGP and 1/5 PCI dividers kicking in at 166 MHz FSB the VIA KT333CE based boards and all the peripherals in the computer (HDD, Videocard, soundcard, etc) are all running at default speeds while the VIA KT266A chipset based motherboards are overclocking them all. 3D Performance suffers quite badly from this, office based benchmarks don't seem to have a big problem though.


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