DDR Memory Performance Roundup

Aron Schatz
May 17, 2002
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Tweakers AU has done a roundup of 5 highspeed sticks of DDR Ram

In summary, I have to give the performance award to Crucial. They have produced an excellent PC2700 stick, and are one of the few companies that waited until JDEC approved the DDR333 standard. The best value award is going to Apacer for their PC2100 product, which has some great overclocking potential and performs pretty much on par with the Kingmax module at 166MHz. As for looks, the OCZ PC2700 scoops up this one as the only company that includes those cool copper heatspreaders - despite having no effect on performance. I would like to thank Apacer, Crucial, Kingmax and OCZ for providing Tweakers Australia with the samples, and I hope we get the same opportunity next time. Stay tuned for more memory inclusions in this roundup, and part two which will focus primarily on overclocking.


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