AirLink101 SkyIPCam777W

Aron Schatz
June 15, 2010
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AirLink101 SkyIPCam777W
The AirLink101 SkyIPCam777W combines all the functionality of a camera security system into one unit at an affordable price. It is an excellent product.

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We here are ASE Labs are very found of security and being able to manage the security of your own home or business is very important. One of the easiest ways to add some piece of mind (other than owning a gun!) is to install a camera system to monitor the daily ingress and egress through your door. While cameras won't prevent stealing, they are a mitigation to people. If your system is setup properly, you'll be able to identify the perp after and, hopefully, get your stuff back. supplied us with the AirLink 101 SkyIPCam777W for an all in one security camera. This one does it all and all you really need is some sort of storage device like a USB flash drive.

About AirLink101


Airlink101 is a leading brand of high technology products, including data communications, wireless networking and peripheral products, for personal computers. Our goal is to provide high quality technology products in line with the latest standard. The growth and prosperity of our customers define our success. We strive to deliver unsurpassed levels of customer satisfaction and support.



When browsing a retail shelf, this is the box you'll see. One of the bold-ed features is the MPEG4/MJPEG support which may seem like a great feature, but most security systems use MJPEG (each frame is independent) and for 640x480, the bandwidth difference isn't that much.


images/siteimages/upload/2010/06/09/3898lc0.jpg box.jpg images/siteimages/upload/2010/06/09/3899lk0.jpg parts1.jpg images/siteimages/upload/2010/06/09/3900l9f.jpg parts2.jpg images/siteimages/upload/2010/06/09/3901ltu.jpg view1.jpg images/siteimages/upload/2010/06/09/3902lwp.jpg view2.jpg images/siteimages/upload/2010/06/09/3903ldp.jpg back.jpg images/siteimages/upload/2010/06/09/3904ljp.jpg bottom.jpg images/siteimages/upload/2010/06/09/3905ma8.png liveview.png images/siteimages/upload/2010/06/09/3906m6n.png network.png images/siteimages/upload/2010/06/09/3907mvn.png wireless.png images/siteimages/upload/2010/06/09/3908m58.png camsetting.png images/siteimages/upload/2010/06/09/3909mfx.png eventserver.png images/siteimages/upload/2010/06/09/3910ma8.png trigger.png images/siteimages/upload/2010/06/09/3911m2d.png usb.png images/siteimages/upload/2010/06/10/3912ma8.jpg ieview.jpg images/siteimages/upload/2010/06/10/3913mwd.jpg motion.jpg images/siteimages/upload/2010/06/12/3914ott.jpg snap.jpg


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