Chronicles of Crummy Computers Vol 2

Aron Schatz
October 7, 2003
And yet again we find ourselves looking and laughing at other people's mistakes. Let's see what we have this time shall we?
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After about a month of weekends at my job, I have finally figured it out. I have learned the ways of the elusive customer. Are you ready for another volume of stories? I hope so. I'm sorry to say that I forgot my camera some days, and I missed some good shots of things. Have no fear, I will tell all!

<B>Large Hard Drive</B>:

<center>Shiny HDD</center>

Let me start out with something that might interest you. This, right here, is a Quantum Bigfoot 5 1/4" hard drive The platter that is shown is VERY shiny, so shiny that I couldn't take a picture head on. We actually pulled this out of an employee's old computer. We tore it open and saw this.

The hard drive also contained a VERY powerful magnet, probably to make the drive work. The magnet would pinch your finger pretty hard.

<B>The Dirty</B>:

<center>Dirty Dirty</center>

Dust and dirt. Clean your damn computers out. I don't know what the second picture is, it is clumps of something. Yuck.

<B>The Stupidity</B>:

A repair came in awhile ago.

'5 Second Repair... a new record!'

Can you spot the problem?


Yes, the power switch was off.


A motherboard warranty replacement came in. The customer dropped off the entire computer because he didn't feel like unloading everything. I turned on the computer, no post, no beeps. Fine... motherboard is dead. I remove the heatsink to get the CPU off... BAM, I find a K6-2 CPU lodged into a MSI KT3 Ultra! Now correct me if I'm wrong, but how does a socket 7 CPU fit in a 462 acceptor array? Yeah, no warranty replacement there. It was even funnier because the guy said he was studying to become A+ certified (which is a joke anyway).

A customer came in while we had a special that we would install a component at your house. He asked for the number so he could make a schedule. He wiped out a cell phone after Larry gave him the number and then said to Larry that 'it didn't work.' Now, why would a person tell a customer a number that didn't work? What possible gain does he get from that? Knowing it did work, Larry said 'Here, lemme help you with that...' He grabbed the phone and showed the customer he dialed the wrong number. 'First of all, you dialed a 9 instead of a 5...' It was funnier by the moment. At the end, Larry dialed the correct number and gave the customer the phone back. The customer started talking to the recording on the other end. We get all kinds.

This weeks lesson? The customer is not always right...


My apologies if you sent in a story and it wasn't published. I lost all the things people sent me. Remember to send them again for inclusion in Volume 3! <a href="">Email them here</a>. Also remember to <a href="/forums/">get in on the forums</a> to voice your opinion!


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