PC Expo 2003

Aron Schatz
September 18, 2003
What a joke this year's PC Expo was. I can safely say I won't be going back next year.
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If you went to PC Expo this year, I feel sorry for you. Not only were there no interesting products being shown, the Athlon FX wasn't even there! AMD had a pretty large presence, so this is very surprising to me.

<B>The Good</B>:

There was a few good things I seen at the show. SMART technology was showing off touch screen things for plasma displays. The technology is pretty amazing, as is the software.

<center>Smart Board</center>

As you can see from the above picture, the plasma display has some text and some handwritten things. The handwriting can be changed into text with use of the built in software. It will give you 4 word choices, and it was pretty good at guessing which word was which. All they were doing was touching the screen with their fingers (or a pen). This technology is perfect for presenters.

<center>1U Opteron</center>

This guy is from PC Magazine. I don't know... I thought it was interesting.

<B>The Okay</B>:

AMD was there as I alluded to earlier. They were showing some Opteron dual rank mountable system.

<center>1U Opteron</center>

The above is a 1U dual Opteron rank server. There are dual SCSI 360GB Drives (I think) in a Raid array. The Opteron's themselves are under the large copper heatsinks with 4 fans on the side of them. If you stuck your hand near the system, you'd feel alot of air being moved. Yes, it was interesting, but nothing new. I saw some of this last year.

<center>4U Opteron Voltage Regulator</center>

The Opteron was finished, this is a 4U rack server. I noticed the Voltage Regulator in the second picture. Big deal. Nothing new.

<B>The Crap</B>:

Here comes the rant. Where was the AthlonFX? Where was Microsoft and Intel? It seems to me PC Expo has become pretty much a show of showing nothing! Nothing new was there. Next year the show is being pushed back to October... time to find another show to go to next year. I saw no innovation at this year's PC Expo. I wonder if any of you did? Let me know what you thought if you went.

Till next year... (I also apologize if my tone sounds generally angry and pissed, I wasted money on this show.)


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