Chronicles of Crummy Computers Vol 1

Aron Schatz
September 5, 2003
The first of many weekly stories of my happenings at work. See what I have to go through.
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At my new job, I repair computers (basically). Many things come in the shop and really need to be shown to the public for the humor, or stupidity. This week, I present to you the top things of the week. They are in no order.

<B>My Floppy Drive is Broken</B>:

Now before I show you the picture associated with this story, I'll just say that the unit came in for a free install of WinXP Home. The person told me that he had a floppy drive problem.

<center>Broken Floppy</center>

I'm not sure what the problem is though, can you tell?

<B>A Bit Too Dirty</B>:

I'm not one to really scold people about not cleaning their computers out once and awhile, but when it gets to the point that there is more dust in the case that metal, that's a problem.


Clean up your cases!

And, let me just attach another story. These are the tech's notes.

"Unit has dead rodent and rodent droppings inside, some rodent (roaches) running out of the tower, cannot repair unit in this condition."

When you let your computer get to the point where it has bugs coming out of the case, that is when you know that you're REALLY not clean at all.

<B>It still works</B>:

Don't bother repair shops about your pre 1997 computer, and even computers that are 4 years old is pushing it. And please don't come in and buy a huge hard drive and expect it to work in your POS system.

Take this example.

<center>5 1/4"</center>

It had Win98se (surprisingly), and all I had to do was install a USB card in there. Now a computer this old... it really doesn't make sense to do anything to, unless you are throwing it in the garbage. Yes, that is a 5 1/4" drive.

People that have SIMMs, don't bother us.


A free install of a 20GB hard drive. Needless to say it didn't work. This is a P120 system. Damn,

Who's the Marketing Genius?

<a href="">Did you see this Visiontek ad</a>?


"Unit keyboard is not working on some keys, customer spilled a little wine in the unit."

"there was also a pair of TOENAIL clippers in the computer case"

"Also there is blood on the inside of the case. My guess is that customer was in unit trying to remove memory and he cut himself and popped off the cable by accident."

"Free install does not include training, sorry."

Till next week! Got any stories you'd like to share? <a href="">send them to me</a>.


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