Good Temps?

June 20, 2003
I recently purchased a new Barton XP2500+ system and are these good temps?
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<B>What I Bought </B>:
I have been wanting a new system for some time and when I found the Barton XP2500+ for $96 I busted out the wallet and laid down the money. With that came a new NForce 2 motherboard ($83) and GeForce 5600 video card ($170) with 256mb RAM.

<B>The Setup</B>:
I initially setup the system in a breadboard fashion, as I wanted to see what differences in temperatures I got with different setups of HSFs and thermal tape/artic silver III/artic silver ceramique. I am not going to use names of the different equipment tested except for the thermal transfer materials (can't get away from that), as no one would send me a new type HSF to test.

<B>My Temps</B>:
The following is a listing of the temperature readings in degrees celcius with Ambient/ CPU/ System listed in that order:
(initial idle readings were after 30 min from startup)
(SANDRA was a 10 loop run with observations for highest readings)
(idle rtn reading were after 30 min)


<B>Good Readings</B>:
It is obvious from temperature readings that the Ceramique does a great job with no difference from a stock HSF to a massive copper HSF. Adding a chipset cooler seemed to mess things up slightly for the CPU temps, but did improve the system temps.

<B>The End?</B>:
I am now awaiting for an air conditioner system to be installed in my house. Once that is up and running I will have fairly stable ambient temperatures to be able to test more HSF variations. Plus the added benefit of cooler air in the house for myself and my computers.


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