Auravision EluminX Keyboard

Aron Schatz
May 11, 2003
Even without the EL lighting, this slim keyboard is a dream to type on. How does it function as a lighted keyboard though? You'll need to read to find out.

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After I published my last EL keyboard review, Jeff, the CEO of <a href="">Auravision</a> called me up and we started talking. The call ended up in me receiving another lighted product, this time the EluminX EL keyboard from Auravision. What can the EluminX bring to the table? Read on...


<center>Box Top Box Bottom</center>

The packaging, what a nice box it is. The front clearly shows you what the product looks like and on the back you see the new colors that are coming out. I might have some pictures of a new red EL color soon!



You basically get the keyboard and a manual (short one at that). The keyboard itself is PS2 with no USB adapter in sight. If you have a legacy free board, you'll have to purchase a PS2 to USB adapter. Upon opening and looking at the keyboard you'll notice that it doesn't follow a traditional approach. The first thing I notice is that the keys are nice and flat, unlike most other keyboards. The second is that the keyboard is very translucent.


At the top left you see the EluminX logo and at the top right are the status LEDs. The status LEDs are green, which doesn't match the color of the lighted keyboard.

<center>Keyboard bottom</center>

Here is the back of the keyboard. Notice anything missing? Riser legs. This keyboard sits only at one angle and isn't adjustable. If you need more of an angle, you're out of luck.


Another product made in China. There goes the US manufacturing Sad.


Can you spot the error? Other than the grammar mistake, that warning if fairly common.


<center>Elite Comparison</center>

The above picture shows the comparison to the size of a pretty standard keyboard. It is the Logitech Elite keyboard. The EluminX is nearly the same width of it, so the size is good for a keyboard.

<center>Gyration Comparison</center>

Here is the Gyration cordless keyboard. I also threw in a ruler to show you the size.


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