Xoxide 6 LED Fans

Aron Schatz
May 2, 2003
Move over quad lighted fans, six is the way to go. Let's see if these Xoxide fans have anything to offer over the quad counterparts.
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What do you know, more lights. Lights, lights, and more lights. This better not be happening much longer or I'll go insane. Well, anyway, today we have some nice new 6 (yes SIX) LED lighted Fans from Xoxide. Is more better? Yes.



Ohh mighty packaging, how ever clear you are. We are in awe of your see through splendor. That took some time to write out... Next.


Doh! I'm not against the Chinese in any way, but come on, where is all the made in America stuff anymore?


On the back are the specs of the fan. As you can see it is a Ball Bearing fan at 2500 RPMs, and take note of the low noise factor. Quiet fans are better than loud ones. I already have six screamers (and they aren't THAT loud), so really quiet fans hit the spot. The fan is a bit slower than your normal everyday fan, but these are to accent your case, and they do provide some extra airflow. If you need heavy cooling, look elsewhere.



Here we have the parts all laid out for you to look at. The fan + grill, some mounting screws and a 3 to 4 pin molex adapter. I like the fact that a fan grill comes with the fan, it saves me the trouble of buying one.

<center>Fan Grill</center>

Here is the sucking side of the fan, the side that the grill comes on. You'll want to use this side if you're installing this in a case, not because of airflow. You'll see why later.

<center>Fan Back</center>

And then the blowing side of the fan. Other than the fact that it is clear, it looks like a normal fan.


Here is the wrapping that surround the entire fan to protect and power the LEDs. There are not six of the on the outside. Four are on the outside while two reside on the inside part.


<center>Up Flash Up Alone Up Close Up</center>

The three above pictures show you what the fans look like on the sucking side. You can clearly see the nice streak effects and the blinking double inside LEDs. The fans came in three color arrangements: Blue outside + Red inside, Blue outside + Yellow inside, and Red Outside + Blue inside. The Red + Blue one looks the best. Red is my favorite color, so I'm probably biased towards that one. There is no way to make the inside LEDs stay on steadily.

<center>Down Flash Down No Flash Down Close Up</center>

These picture show the fan on the blowing side, and now it just looks like any other lighted fan, and no cool streak effects. It basically looks like a blob of color, no real nice effect anywhere. You also don't get to see the other two inside LEDs, as they are facing the other way.


Frankly, you turn them on, they work. Pretty simple. These are the first 6 Led fans I have seen so far, and they do look great. Xoxide has done a nice job on including a fan grill with the fans so you don't have to purchase one. All in all, you can't go wrong if you want to add some color to the inside of your case, or some to the outside. If you want some high quality lighted fans, look no further. You can pick these up for around <a href="http://www.xoxide.com/80lifa.html">$10 or less from Xoxide</a> (as of now they are on sale). I'd like to thank Xoxide for making this review possible.


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