Radeon 64 vs Geforce 2 GTS 32MB

Aron Schatz
September 30, 2001
Which card will win? I'm sure you all know by now. Read on to find out.
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Overall I knew what was going to happen. I'm not sure if it is just that my
Radeon sucks, or just that it sucks under Windows 2000. Here are the specs that
I tested...
<p>Duron 800<br>
KK266<br>128MB PC133 Micron SDram<br>Geforce 2 GTS(12.41) or Radeon 64Vivo(3102)<br>All options on the tests were the same for both Video cards<br>
Windows 2000 SP2
<table width="75%" border="1">
<td><font size="+1">Test</font></td>
<td><font size="+1">Geforce 2</font></td>
<td><font size="+1">Radeon</font></td>
<td >Particle Fury</td>
<td >33.1 FPS 1054 AVG Kp/sec</td>
<td >22.4 FPS 715 AVG Kp/sec</td>
<td >Stars 1280x1024</td>
<td >30.00 FPS</td>
<td >31.37 FPS</td>
<td >Stars 1024x768</td>
<td >60.01 FPS</td>
<td >53.66 FPS</td>
<td >3d marks (2001)</td>
<td >2725</td>
<td >2905</td>
<td >PassMark</td>
<td >151.7</td>
<td >145.0</td>
<td >PassMark Mflops</td>
<td >402.4</td>
<td >403.8</td>
<p>Really, what is there to say? I know the radeon Scales well on High Res things, but for 3D Gaming, give me a Geforce 2. Ohh
and even on my better system, the Geforce 2 on the slower system is faster with FPS on Tribes 2. I really would love to test the Radeon 8500 vs a Geforce 3.
hopefully ATI got their drivers in line with this card.</p>


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