Gaming Systems April 2003

Aron Schatz
April 27, 2003
Check out the budget, mid-level, and top notch gaming system reccomendations for this month.
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Page 1: Intro, and Budget System


It's time for more system guides to be released this month. I'm covering the Gaming System Category, and this will show you some nice systems that can be built in your price range. Prices are coming down on computer parts, and this month theres a bunch of great deals out, so check out the gaming guide, and look for Aron's Home System guide in a few days.


<table><tr><td>Systems Guide Case</td><td>While I was browsing around Newegg I found <a href="">this case</a>. It's a Foxconn Super Case w/ a 400 watt power supply and front usb, all for a price of $33.99. It looks pretty good and is cheap so its perfect for our budget system.</td></tr></table>


<table><tr><td>Systems Guide Motherboard</td><td>Since our system is based around the motherboard, we can't totally skimp in this area. I choose the <a href="">MSI 6566E</a>, The board provides onboard sound and USB 2.0, all for a nice price of $72 from Newegg. This should provide a good base for your gaming system.</td></tr></table>


<table><tr><td>System Guides CPU</td><td>I decided to go with a Intel P4 for this budget system just for a change.I chose the <a href=",3922">Intel 2.4Ghz P4 w/ 533MHZ FSB</a> CPU. It comes with a stock heatsink and fan for $163. This might seem expensive for a budget system, but theres a great deal on hard drives and cd burners right now, you'll see in a minute.</td></tr></table>


<table><tr><td>Systems Guide RAM</td><td>There are many types of memory and many different speeds. Memory is important for your gaming system, not enough and you'll notice a big drop in performance. <a href="">A 512MB stick of PC2100 Crucial memory</a> for only $52 after entering a few coupon codes is a awesome deal. </td></tr></table>

<B>Video Card</B>:

<table><tr><td>Systems Guide Video Card</td><td>Ah yes, the video card is perhaps THE most important part of a gaming system, so we can't lack in this area. I choose the ATI Radeon 9500 128MB DDR card. This thing should be able to satisfy all current games that are out right now and should be plenty powerful. The price for this one: $155.00 from Newegg.</tr></table>

<B>Optical & Magnetic Storage</B>:

<table><tr><td>Systems Guide Optical</td><td>For gaming, you really don't need a DVD player, so a CDRW should be good enough for your needs. There happens to be an insane deal out right now for best buy that will allow you to get a 120GB HD as well as a 48x CDRW for an amazing price of 40 dollars after rebates.<a href="">Check out fatwallet for information on this deal.</a> You absolutely can't beat this deal.</td></tr></table>


<table><tr><td>Systems Guide Monitor</td><td>While a huge 21" screen would be great for this system, you just can't afford it with the tight budget. However you can settle for a <a href="">17"Envision Monitor</a> from compusa for a price of 159.88</td></tr></table>

<B>Mouse, Keyboard, Speakers</B>:

<table><tr><td>Systems Guide Mouse</td><td>Systems Guide Speakers</td><td> Systems Guide Keyboard</td><td>Altec Lansing AVS500w are nice 4.1 speakers on the cheap. Good quality, and the price is right at $35.18 (CompUSA +tax). You also need a mouse and keyboard so go for the Logitech cordless elite duo from Office Max for a price of $49.99. And finally you need a network card to play your games online so just pickup a Dlink DFE-530TX+ from for $9.00<td></tr></table>


Windows XP is the popular OS out right now and it gets the job done.Pick up<a href="">Windows XP Home</a> for another $93 at Newegg.

Since I went over budget most of the time for the February's system guides, I'm gonna do it again. The total comes to $862.87, which is an awesome price. I wanna see Dell build a system with a 2.4Ghz P4, 512 MB DDR memory, Radeon 9500 128MB,120GB HD,48x CDRW, and cordless keyboard and mouse for that price.


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