Flexiglow Cold Cathode Kits

Aron Schatz
March 30, 2003
In a market that is swamped with cold cathodes, can Flexiglow make themselves stand out? And is it enough for you to buy their product? You'll need to read to find out.
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When <a href="http://www.flexiglowhk.com">Flexiglow</a> sent me their awesome bubble light kits, they also threw in some of their cold cathodes as well. While not as unique as bubble lights, can <a href="http://www.flexiglowhk.com">Flexiglow</a> deliver with these? I mean, Cold Cathodes are a dime a dozen now. Why should you buy these? Read on...



The tubes return! I like this way of packaging, but not as much as the clear <a href="/articles.php?id=50">PC Toys cold cathodes</a>. And rounding off the tube is the caps on the end, and they are red! Moving on.


<center>Parts 1 Parts 2</center>

I'll lay it all out for you. We've got parts in here. Everything is pretty much standard, the cathode, a switch, molex and some directions. What else could you offer though? Ohh, a sound driver? That's a bit later in the review.


Down to the details. I was surprised to see the only the molex/switch was detachable, not the cathode to the inverter. This isn't exactly true though.

<center>Open Inverter Switch</center>

As you can see, when the inverter is opened, you get where the cathode is attach. This looks almost exactly like the <a href="/articles.php?id=54">PC Toys cathodes</a>, except it is a single connector. You gotta love the danger high voltage sticker, makes you want to zap yourself. The switch is standard as well, a normal rocker switch.


The ends of the cathode are well built, they are capped and sealed. The cathode itself is most likely white, just the tube color is blue. I don't mind, as long as it works! The diameter of the tube and the cathode are large compared to the others I have, which allows it to give off more light. There are sticky pads on the cubed ends of the cathode and the inverter. The same kind of quality as bubble lights. Let's move on to how they look.
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<B>The Lights</B>:

<center>In Sunlight With Flash Dark</center>

Here we have the assortment of lights. The top one is a bit unclear, it is the UV one. Even in direct sunlight, these things are bright. Really bright. I like how my camera gets washed out because the sensor sucks hard. I'm getting a new camera soon, and a review is in order. Other than that, they look damn nice.

<center>UV Alone</center>

Here we see the UV one. UV cathodes are just awesome. Remember that ultra violet is near the blue end of the spectrum and, given the crappiness of my camera, it looks blue.

<B>Sound Driver</B>:

<center>Sonic Driver</center>

I almost left this section out. You know when directions says that you should read it all the way through? Duh, I didn't (being the Comp Eng I will be). I blew out my red bubble lights by accident. The sound driver is NOT an inverter, you'll need the inverters that power the cathodes/bubble lights with this. I didn't know this, whoops. You live you learn. Yes, it works fine, and the sound can be set for any sensitivity. Interesting, but not very practical unless you listen to music of something all the time.


Well, what can I say to sum it up? If you are buying cold cathodes, you should give <a href="http://www.flexiglowhk.com">Flexiglow</a> a look. They offer dual ones and different size ones as well. The cathode kits are very well built, but cathodes are pretty much standard now. I do recommended them anyway, but, like I said... Pretty much standard.


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