Logitech Elite Duo

Aron Schatz
February 23, 2003
This is simply the best keyboard and mouse combo I've ever owned. With optical and wireless technology, Logitech nailed this one.

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About a month ago, I found a deal at <a href="http://www.fatwallet.com">Fat Wallet</a> that I couldn't pass up. I managed to pick up three Logitech Elite Duos for around $17 each and some other stuff with it. I made a killing IMO. Anyway, I've been using the Duo for about a month now and I'm fairly certain that this is the keyboard and mouse I'll be sticking with for awhile.


<center>ELITE Box</center>

This is the best part of the review, the box. I mean, looks at all the Logitech goodness. It is one nice box. It is also rectangular, which is a huge plus. It is also made of cardboard! AMAZING!! (Next...)


<center>ELITE Parts</center>

I've laid out all the parts to show you in the above picture. You get a manual and CD, the keyboard and mouse, the receiver, 4 AA batteries (2 for each device), and an arm rest that I never use. The arm rest is useless, I just use one of those nice gel ones that feel like a silicone. You know what I mean. I'll be going over each part in details, so let's move on for now.


(Cut and Paste)

The Ultimate Desktop Combination for Home and Office
Eliminate the clutter with cordless freedom
Get comfortable with the keyboard's ultra-flat Zero Degree Tilt design
Switch applications quickly in Windows XP
Access favorite web sites and applications with one-touch hot keys
Instant access to your images, music, documents and common commands via enhanced function keys
Control audio and video directly from the keyboard
Make scrolling easier with the mouse's convenient scroll wheel or the keyboard's unique iNav wheel
Use the maintenance-free cordless optical mouse on almost any surface
Get twice the speed and twice the accuracy of standard optical mice
Use the mouse in either hand thanks to a sleek, comfortable shape
Customize keyboard features and four mouse buttons with powerful software
For Windows and Macintosh
5-year warranty

Nice Schpiel there...
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<center>ELITE Mouse and KB ELITE Bottom</center>

This is what you'll be using with this set, the other parts are really of no concern. The first pic is the top and the second is the bottom. I'll go over the details as well. Let me say that the colors are nice, silver on black. It is nice having matching keyboards and mice.


<center>ELITE Mouse ELITE bottom mouse</center>

The mouse is shaped different from my other mice. The curve's center is faced on the right side of the mouse instead of the left. After using it for about 5 minutes, I didn't notice it, but it is different than my Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer. There is a single 4th button on the mouse, and it is a pretty weird spot. It is below the thumb, instead of above it. This took some getting used to as all the other mice I had had these extra buttons above the thumb. You'll be dragging your thumb on your mouse pad till you get the feel of it. The two major things that I had to get used to was the weight of the mouse (due to the batteries), and the placement of the sensor. It is to the left side of the mouse, which is pretty strange. Most mice have the sensor in the center. Something to think about.

<center>ELITE Mouse in Hand ELITE Comparison</center>

I took this shot to show you how the mouse fit in my hand, I'd say my hand is a medium to large size hand. I really don't know if left handed people could use this mouse, but if did feel comfortable in my right hand. The buttons are big enough and the scroll wheel has just the right amount of tension while scrolling, but pressing the scroll button is a bit harder. The second pic is a comparison of the three wireless optical mice I have.

The performance of the mouse is great, I've been using it for about a month like I said and I haven't had to replace the batteries yet. I'm using this at school and home and both are basically operating the same. I have noticed no delay in response time, but then again, there is no FPS game that I want to play right now, I did test it in Tribes 2 and it was okay. Damn games, I need Freelancer! (Later article...) Anyway, the mouse light will get dimmer if it is not in use for a second or so. After it gets dimmer, it'll keep getting dimmer till it is in a 'sleep' mode. If you left it alone for awhile, you'll need to move the mouse for like 2 seconds to make sure it catches while your moving it. It has to save battery power somehow! For a mouse, it is good. It replaced my Intellimouse Explorer.


<center>ELITE Top thing ELITE Side Thing</center>

This is the BEST keyboard I've ever owned in my life. Seriously, no delay whatsoever. I have the wired version of this for my Mom and it is simply the best design in a keyboard. The keyboard is flat in design, so you don't need to elevate it much to type (if you normally do like I do). This means the keys aren't sloped towards you and I feel is better ergonomically, but what do I know? The two above pics show you the special buttons of the keyboard. I don't use the left buttons, but I use the top ones alot. It controls volume and stuff, like on a cd player. All in all, this wireless keyboard is worth $100 alone. Trust me, if you can't afford this one, get the wired one it is just as good.


<center>ELITE Receiver</center>

Since we are operating wirelessly, we need a receiver to handle all the transmission stuff. Naturally, it is black and it comes with USB and PS2 ports alike. I still use PS2, so I'm glad it is still there. Since the keyboard is wireless, the indicator lights have been moved to the receiver to save power. It will show you the numlock status and the other functions. The Duo is RF, so line of sight isn't required. This is pretty much standard now, even cheap as wireless optical mice are RF.
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You want me to write a paragraph in summary about this thing? Well, I can somewhat give it to you short and sweet. This is the best keyboard and mouse combo I've ever owned. I'm using it in two places and it is wireless freedom. The keyboard is worth the entire price in my opinion. The mouse is excellent as well. The price for this ranges from $50-100 in stores I've seen, but if you're like me, you can find good deals Wink. Without a doubt, this is a highly recommended product. Simply excellent.

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