Arctic Cooling Arctic Sound E352 Earbuds

Logan King
March 16, 2010
Arctic Cooling
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Arctic Sound E352 Series
Arctic Cooling Arctic Sound E352 Earbuds
The Arctic Cooling Arctic Sound E352 Earbuds offer a high quality, innovative design and pretty good audio quality, but the E361 series has better performance for a lower price.

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With most earbuds on the market being made primarily of plastic or aluminum, Arctic Cooling has decided to up the ante in the style department with the Arctic Sound E352 series. The E352 series implements an innovative design based around a chassis using real wood construction.


The E352 series has the same silver gradient packaging design that is shared throughout the Arctic Sound range. The internal layout of the packaging is also the same as the other Arctic Sound moddels. Unlike the E361, the E352 does not have the secondary window which is replaced by the Arctic Sound logo.


As on the E361 series, the E352 packaging displays the same helpful chart showing the performance and features of the earbuds. Interestingly, even though the E352 earbuds are the flagship of the Arctic Sound range in price, the specifications and features list makes them out to be lower performing,

Performance Chart


  • Frequency response: 18 Hz -22k Hz
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm
  • Sensitivity: 104 dB/mW
  • Output Power: 15 mW
  • Cable length: 1.3 meters (4 feet, 3 inches)

While the frequency range and sensitivity are still pretty good as far as earbuds go, they are still notably not as good as those of either the E361 series or the E351 series. This is according to the Arctic Cooling website itself.

Package Contents

As with the E361, opening up the package reveals a carrying case, two extra sets of silicone caps, a product manual, and the headphones themselves.

Package Contents

There is no adapter or anything for PC use as the plug on the earbuds is a standard 3.5mm TRS adapter.


As the specifications of the Arctic Cooling website make the E352 series out to be lower performance earbuds, and because of the emphasis on the wooden chassis, it is clear that the most important thing about the E352 series is the style that they bring to the table. In that respect, the E352 series is a real winner. The wooden finish looks fantastic and the shape of the chassis makes the wood style integrate well with the wires.

Arctic Sound E352

The included earbuds go well with the carrying case. The case itself is the same ARCTIC In-Ear Case included with the »E361 series and works just as well in this application. As on the E361 model, the Arctic Cooling logo is viewable in multiple places on the earbuds. This adds a nice bit of brand confidence in the design.

There are, however, some problems with the design of the earbuds. Most importantly, neither of the earbuds are labeled, so it can be a hassle determining which side goes in which ear. The Y-splitter on the cables also seems a bit flimsy to the extent that it may be the weakest link of the design as far as durability is concerned.


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