February 19, 2003
Looking to fix up the labels for those file folder, cd trays, etc? Take a look at the following for a neat tool.
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<center>Dymopic</center><center><a href="http://www.dymo.com/">DYMOLabelMANAGER PC</a></center>

<B>Introduction : </B>
I remember my first encounter with records keeping while in the military service. I had been recently moved from the kitchen (yes I was a cook for my first term) to the office. I had previously only been involved in records keeping by taking from or putting into an appropriate folder; meal signature forms, cash collection vouchers, menus or some other mundane form.

I was now introduced to the Army Records Keeping System (ARKS) by the mess sergeant. Of course the acronym was not a true one, but he thought it was funny. It soon became evident that it was appropriate, as the Army does seem to float on a sea of paper (and still does).

I remember what seemed like endless hours typing up file folder labels. Then the end of the fiscal year approached and I did spend several hours over several days typing labels for the start of the next year's ARKS. I was glad I had taken a typing course in high school.

When I decided to make the Army a career I changed my job to a signal corps radio repairman and nearly drowned in the ARKS for that branch of service. Along with the file folders were book binders and equipment needing labels. It was at this time that I found out about hand labelmakers and their very usefullness not only with file folders, but with book binder and equipment labeling. In fact I still have the hand labelmaker that I purchased some 20 years ago to do my own folder, book and equipment labeling; but years of use has worn the mechanism down and arthritis has taken it's toll, so I don't use it much anymore.

<B>LabelMANAGER PC :</B>
<table><tr><td>Dymopic</td><td> To my rescue starting several years ago comes thermal label printers; now available in all shapes, label sizes, power usage (battery and wall socket), input style (built-in or computer keyboard interface) and price ranges. One such model is the <a href="http://www.dymo.com/">DYMO LabelMANAGER PC</a> shown to the left. It is a simple, elegant design able to use several sizes (1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4 and 1") of label cassettes in a varity of color combinations <a href= "http://www.dymo.com/common/commerce/product_ordering.jhtml?id=en_US_LabelMANAGERPC">(click here for choices)</a>. The difference between this type of thermal labelmaker and the one that most users are famaliar with is that this uses a thermal plastic tape in a cassette holder instead of a roll of thermal paper. </td></tr></table>

<B>The Package :</B>
After removing the contents from the packaging I immediately noticed something amiss; no driver CD or manual. A quick e-mail to Greg at DYMO revealed that 70 or so of the LabelMANAGER PCs were packaged without the CD or Quick Start Guide (the manual is on the CD). It only took Greg two days to get these items to me, so now my package is complete. </td></tr></table>

Getting the drivers or manual were no problem, just a quick connection to Dymo's website and I had both items within seconds (love that cable modem service). A slight problem did arise in that without the Quick Start Guide I didn't know exactly how to open the door to the LabelMANAGER unit. A few tugs and pushes quickly revealed that the door has a push and release mechanism to open and then a push to latch shut.

I inserted the provided 1" label cassette, loaded the software, and began to experiment by printing several labels of various fonts, sizes, and attributes (bold, underline, etc.). You can even make a listing of needed labels in a text file. Then set the software's font type, size and attributes to your liking; open the file through the LabelMANAGER software and print a continious output with a small line between each label as a cut mark. Individually printed labels are cut from the tape roll by squeezing the built-in cutter actuator right above the tape output slot.

<B>The Tasking :</B>
When connected (just a USB and power cable)and software setup on your PC, the LabelMANAGER PC provides the tool for easily managing any label making task. I chose to do two tasks that I have been needing for quite some time. One is to redo my file folders, they are a mess after years of neglect, and relabel some CD trays that I use for quick access to manage my multiple computer system. Here is where I encountered a second problem. </td></tr></table>

I wanted to use a smaller size that the provided 1" tape cassette. So I visited the local office supply store and picked up a 1/2" & 1/4" D1 tape cassette. I opened the unit and placed the new cassette inside, but the software would not recognize the new size cassette. Another email to Greg at DYMO revealed there is a red lever inside the case that needs to be placed in one of three positions depending on the tape width. This was not mentioned in the Quick Start Guide nor the manual, but then I went to the software help menu and found the settings clearly shown. So, don't forget that built-in help section and I have asked DYMO to include these settings in their next version of the Quick Start Guide.

[NOTE: I also found reference to this switch setting on the inside of the cassette packaging and a small red and yellow sticker inside the door of the unit. Both are very limited in their scope and not very helpful.]

The photos below show from left to right: my old then new file folders and my old then new working CD trays rack. You can clearly see the definite improvement (still a little work to do) in my file folder setup and how my CD trays are easier to read in their holder. No more fumbling around in my file drawer for the appropriate folder or checking several trays for the correct CD. {Please forgive the qlare of photos, they are low resolution for easier posting.}


<B>Conclusion : </B>
Using some of the following features -- designing labels using text, symbols and graphics; formatting with bold, italics, outline, shadow and more; print vertically or horizontally, justify left, center, right, and more; adjustable label lengths where text can be automatically resized on the label for best fit; automatic date and time printing; Smart Paste feature correctly prints a set of labels to match a range of cells copied from Microsoft Excel, text copied from Microsoft Word, or data copied from a comma separated (.csv) or text (.txt) file; print Code 39, Code 128, Codabar, UPC A/E, EAN 8/13, EAN 128, ITF-14 and Interleaved 2 of 5 bar codes -- it is easy to see the versitility of the LabelMANAGER PC.

So for now and far into the future my label making will be with ease and clarity. I should also mention that I have shared the <a href="http://www.dymo.com/">DYMO LabelMANAGER PC</a> to my other LAN computers, installed the software on each and can make labels from any PC on my own network. With one PC running some tests, another downloading software/updates and the other making labels, I am getting all my label making chores done and ARKS is a thing from the past.

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