ZAGG PSP Slim invisibleSHIELD

Logan King
Aron Schatz
March 8, 2010
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invisibleSHIELD for PSP
ZAGG PSP Slim invisibleSHIELD
The ZAGG PSP Slim full body invisibleSHIELD offers fantastic durability for a fair price, but some may not see the added protection worth the cost over the standard version even with the bonus features included.

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These days, nearly everyone carries something that has an LCD screen of some sort on it. Most people can relate to how there are few things more annoying than hairline scratches all over the screen. With that in mind, ZAGG has created the invisibleSHIELD line of products with variations available for electronics ranging from a Macbook Pro to a Gameboy Color.

About ZAGG


The first invisibleSHIELD design came about in early 2005 when a man wanted to protect his wristwatch from nicks and scratches. He found the solution in a clear, thin, and very durable military film originally made to protect US military helicopter blades from high-speed damage. He immediately saw the massive potential for a virtually invisible and indestructible protective covering in consumer use, and began working on two fronts: legally securing this new idea of putting clear protective adhesive film covering on electronic devices, and developing other innovative uses for the film. Once patents were prepared and filed, the invisibleSHIELD made its world debut.

Over those first few months, positive reviews came pouring in and great word-of-mouth began to spread, one happy customer at a time. It started to become a phenomenon a few months later, in September 2005, when an invisibleSHIELD using this film was created for Apple's new iPod Nano. Sales of the new invisibleSHIELD design exploded online: it was literally becoming an overnight success. Robert G. Pedersen II (co-founder and CEO) knew that this idea and solution needed world-wide attention so on July 25th 2007, ZAGG Inc. went public and started trading under the symbol ZAGG (NasdaqBB: ZAGG) "Zealous About Great Gadgets" or "when others zig, we ZAGG!" The master plan was under way. But that was just the beginning...

The world now takes notice. ZAGG Inc. has grown from a backyard workshop to being a publicly-traded trendsetter with a team of over 200 employees and associates who are dedicated to serving our loyal customer base worldwide. The invisibleSHIELD remains our flagship product, and in a few short years, over 1 million have been sold.


The front of the packaging displays the type of case (full-body or screen only) and what the case was designed to be used with. It also proudly boasts about the lifetime warranty and the military grade construction. The packaging, itself, is a simple cardboard slip folded over itself to form a triangle with another insert within to hold all of the parts in place.

Packaging Front

The rear of the packaging talks about the various reviews and awards the invisibleSHIELD line has won over the years. It also has some general information about the production process.

Packaging Rear
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Package Contents

The inside of the packaging is divided into two. All of the protectors are contained within their own cardboard slip. Interestingly, while this is the full body protection kit, the protector slip package also contains the normal screen-only kit in addition. This is a very nice bonus considering the minimal price difference between the two screen only package and the full body package.

Protector Packaging

The second half of the packaging contains the applicator gel and sponge, the instruction manual, the application card, and a screen cleaning cloth.

Packaging Contents

Compared to screen protector kits offered by most other brands, the quality of the included items is fantastic. For example, when it comes to cleaning cloths, most kits offer a thin, frail cloth. ZAGG, on the other hand, includes a cleaning cloth similar to ones used for cleaning eyeglasses. Similarly, whereas most applicator cards are made of thick cardboard, ZAGG includes one made out of durable plastic like that of a credit card.


While all screen protectors keep the screen itself from getting scratched, that doesn't do much good if the screen protector itself gets scratched. Because ZAGG mentions such high standards for the durability of their products, we at ASE Labs felt it important to test the durability of the invisibleSHIELD to determine how thorough the protection really is.

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First, there was a general use test. For this, the system was merely used for a week with the covers applied. As odd as it may seem, simply slipping and removing a handheld device from a pants pocket could be enough to create hairline scratches over time. After a week of general use, none of the protectors displayed any scratches of any kind, so it seems like general usage isn't a problem. After general testing was complete, there was a desire to see just how much abuse the invisibleSHIELD could take before showing a scratch. Suffice to say, unless you frequently take knives to your electronics, the invisibleSHIELD should keep your handheld devices from becoming damaged.


The ZAGG invisibleSHIELD for the PSP is a fantastic product. It offers excellent durability along with a slim, unnoticeable form factor, and many nice bonus features. While the $17 (Amazon) asking price may be a bit steep to some, you could opt for a screen-only kit for a few dollars less. Still, the product you get is certainly worth the price, and if the rest of the invisibleSHIELD line is anything like the PSP kit, ZAGG certainly have a great product on their hands.

Thanks to ZAGG for making this review possible.


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