Verbatim Nano Wireless Notebook Mouse

Daniel Doty
Aron Schatz
February 11, 2010
Verbatim Nano Wireless Notebook Mouse
Add a dash of color and style to your day, with Verbatim's Color Nano Wireless Mouse.

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When we think of peripherals, and especially mice, we usually think of Microsoft, Razor, Logitech, or some of the other popular brands that stand out in the industry. Verbatim is not one that most would think about when looking at the next mouse purchase, but alas, they do make mice, keyboards, and a good combination of desktop peripherals. Today ASE Labs is going to take a look at one of the Verbatim Go Nano wireless notebook mice to see how it stands up with some of the other more notable name brand mice on the market.



As we can see, from the above picture, the retail package greets us with the mouse, which comes in six different colors, the very small receiver, and the brand name and model. Verbatim was kind enough to send us the blue version of their Nano notebook mouse, however, if blue is not your cup of tea, they also make their Nano wireless mouse in graphite, red, green, purple, yellow, and, for the ladies in our life, pink.


Moving on to the back of the retail package, we can read some of the technical information, as well as the features of your new Verbatim Nano mouse. Some of the feature include 2.4GHz, (keep in mind, this is NOT a laser mouse), reliability, rubberized side grips, programmable wheel, and a receiver storage on the bottom (more about that in a minute).

Included Items

As we open our package up and start to take out the mouse and accessories, we are greeted with the mouse, a very tiny receiver, a set of alkaline AAA batteries, a user manual, and an application software CD. As we attempted to take a look at the included application software, we were greeted with an install guide. This did not allow us to see what was included in the software, but merely a Windows install wizard. We are not one to use most application software that is usually included with mice, so we opted to not install the software. From doing research on this software, it is just an enhancement for button click speed, cursor software, and that type of thing, at least for the Windows version. This mouse is also Mac capable as well, which is a nice extra touch to this little puppy. One of the things that surprised us, was the size of the receiver. This thing is tiny! That must be where Verbatim states "With a receiver that’s small enough to plug into your laptop and leave." They are not kidding here folks, this tiny receiver would not get in the way when storing with your beloved notebook or netbook!



The user manual, or "Quick Start Guide," shows things like "what's included" which we have discussed earlier in the review, a "Product Introduction" which shows some of the features and buttons built into the mouse, and a "Let's Get Started" which explains how to install the batteries, plug in the receiver, and what to do if the mouse does not respond.

Even though this mouse is designed to be used with a laptop, it fit our test hands (one of the reviewer's) well enough. They aren't overly large hands, but most notebook mice are cumbersome to use. Not so with this "mid size" mouse.

Now to a very cool feature with this mouse.

Verbatim Nano Mouse


Right above the battery compartment/cover is a little slot that one can insert the receiver in. Now, many notebook mice have this option, but the Verbatim mouse price point at the time of review is $27.99 which makes this feature a plus. Most of the mice with this feature are around the $40 or higher area, and many readers are on a tight budget when it comes to adding peripherals to your notebooks.

Now one must wonder, "how long does the batteries hold up when storing the mouse?" When you put the receiver in the storage area on the bottom of the mouse, it actually powers down the mouse and shuts it completely off. This will extend the battery life tenfold. Not only does it have this nice extra feature, but if the mouse is left unattended for a short period, it will go into a "sleep" mode to help extend battery life as well. With the press of one of the buttons, it comes back to life for the user. These are very nice extra features for a mouse at this price point.


Using Windows 7 on a notebook, we plugged the mouse in to see how Windows 7 would react. Windows 7 recognized the mouse upon bootup as should be the case with all mice. We have found a few wireless peripherals that this does not occur with when booting up with Windows 7. As one can see from the picture above, there is a "connect" button on the bottom of the mouse to use in case the receiver loses its pairing with the mouse. It used to happen more frequently with older devices, but not newer ones.


As everyone can see from the picture above, the tiny receiver is hardly even noticed on the side of this notebook. It is nice to have such a small receiver rather than having a long obtrusive receiver, or having a wired mouse to have to deal with.


There are a ton of mice on the market today, and many that may be at a little lower price point, but for this user, at NewEgg\'s current price point of $27.99 at time of print, it is a killer deal. Even a user with large hands will find this mouse comfortable, easy to use, and close to a full sized mouse. The fact that the receiver stores in the bottom of the mouse, and shuts the power off, saving the battery life, is a feature we would expect to see from a much more expensive mouse. Verbatim has been kind enough to make this model of mouse in six different colors, which should appeal to most everyone looking to purchase a new notebook wireless mouse. The "tiny" receiver is also a plus, and being able to store in the mouse is a huge plus in my opinion.

A couple of things we would of liked to see; an included side button that is programmable, and possibly being a laser mouse, but at the price point, we sure can understand why these were not included.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a good all around "mid" size notebook mouse, and you're on a tight budget, this is the mouse for you. We are very happy to see Verbatim bringing the computer industry some great peripherals at a fantastic price! Nice job, Verbatim.

ASE Labs would like to thank Verbatim for making this review possible.


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