Make Your Own UV Fans

Aron Schatz
February 2, 2003
This simple guide will show you how to make your very own UV reactive fans. And it uses something that you probably have in the house if you're clean!
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Since I'm still in my UV thing, I went to Home Depot to see if they had an UV reactive paint. To my luck, they didn't. He told me that he uses something else for a nice blue glow effect. I would have never thought of using laundry detergent, but it really works!


<center>UVFAN Parts</center>

These are the ingredients you'll need. I'm pretty sure any laundry detergent will work, but you should test it with a UV light anyway. I've got a <a href="/articles.php?id=40">clear LED fan</a> to 'paint', a paint brush, a UV light, a cup, and some paper towels. Don't let your wife or parents see you doing this. My Mom freaked out at me and started yelling at the mess I made. All in the name of science! I'm not sure how a opaque fan would look, but it wouldn't have the same coolness of the clear one. Your choice though. Also to note, you need the liquid stuff. If you have the powder, I doubt you can mix it with something.

<B>Testing Glowness</B>:

<center>UVFAN Blue stuff</center>

Pictured above is the blue laundry detergent. You'll want to test it by holding a black light over it. And to prove that the clear fan isn't UV reactive, I put it near it. Shown below. The UV light is in back of the camera.

<center>UVFAN Cup and Fan</center>

As you can see, the it glows a very nice blue color. When this stuff dries, it won't be blue, well, it might. But since you're using very low amounts of the stuff it'll look pretty clear. Once you know the stuff you have can glow, it is time to slop it around.

<B>Slop it Around</B>:

<center>UVFAN Cup and Fan and Paint</center>

Shown above with a UV light, the beginning of the 'painting'. The liquid is pretty viscous, but it isn't as thick as paint, so your going to run all over the place. Let is dry in the sun on both sides (by a window) or make it go faster by putting a hair dryer on it. Just don't melt the fan Wink.

<B>The Final Test</B>:

<center>UVFAN Both Fans No Flash</center>

Above is the two fans I have. One is with the blue crap on it and the other isn't. I'm just showing this to you to prove that it is pretty clear looking. The fan is a bit tacky, and it may spin slower because it is heavier than before. I'm using this fan just for show really, so it didn't matter much to me. The two pics below show it off, the effect is pretty awesome. It looks even better when it is spinning, but my camera just can't take good shots of that.

<center>UVFAN Both Fans with flash Article Picture</center>

<B>Final Words</B>:

Yeah, it is pretty simple to do. Paint would do the job the same, but then you don't get that home made feeling. I'm using this inside my case and I also slopped it on my TT volcano 7 fan guard and it really looks great. No go and make your own UV reactive fan!


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