D-Link DSP-W110 WiFi Smart Plug

Aron Schatz
June 6, 2016
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D-Link DSP-W110 WiFi Smart Plug
At less than $30, the DSP-W110 WiFi Smart Plug gets you in the smart home market. It's an entry level device with powerful backend support.

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There's not too many times that we review products that are inexpensive and do what they say (and do it well), but this is one of those times. The D-Link DSP-W110 retails for under $30 (Amazon) at the time of this review and it is an excellent entry into making your home smarter. D-Link has done a good job in keeping the price point down and even baking in IFTTT support. That ecosystem allows for so many use cases that we can't even think about. Connections like this mean that we're in for a very automated future, for sure.

These new wave of smart devices, like the DSP-W110, connect to your existing wireless network. They don't require a central smart hub in your home, but that means that you give up some control and must use a third party service to manage your system. If your internet connectivity drops, this type of device will revert into the dumb switch. However, the simplicity is great for those that want to get into the smart home market.

ASE Publishing would like to thank D-Link for making this review possible.
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