Kingston DataTraveler 2000

Aron Schatz
April 15, 2016
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DataTraveler 2000
Kingston DataTraveler 2000
The Kingston DataTraveler 2000 is targeted to the secure data industry and it does the job well with no custom software on the computer needed.

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The Kingston DataTraveler 2000 retails for about $140 (Amazon) at the time of this review . While this may seem like an expensive price to pay for 32GB of storage, this targets the security conscious crowd. When you are pondering purchasing this type of product, you want the security to be the top issue and this device promises to do just that. The cryptographic keys are erased when putting in the incorrect password 10 times and there's pretty much no way to recover the data. This is perfect for people carrying sensitive data on the go.

If you store all the sensitive data on this flash drive and leave it somewhere, the chance of someone getting to the data is near zero. This kind of product is perfect for those people that travel and need to have secure data stored with them. The performance was good, too. 145MB/s reads and 84MB/s writes are nothing to complain about when dealing with a security-first product. Kingston deserves credit for making security easy to use and operating system agnostic.

ASE Publishing would like to thank Kingston for making this review possible.
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