1MORE Over-Ear Headset

Aron Schatz
March 23, 2016
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Over-Ear MK801
1MORE Over-Ear Headset
The 1MORE Over-Ear Headphones use premium materials for a really nice look. While they could be a bit looser on the head, they provide excellent sound quality.

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Final Verdict

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The 1MORE Over-Ear Headphones MK801 retail for about $80 at the time of this review (Amazon). Make no mistake, these headphones are premium quality. They use metal for a majority of the exterior finish. The brushed red is really nice. The headphones articulate enough for most people. Personally, we felt that the headset was a bit too tight on the head. After awhile, we found a comfortable spot and it was fine. A bit more padding on the head part would be good.

The sound quality is superb. When you deal with other headsets, they boost the bass so you feel vibrations. Not with these, the highs and lows are crystal clear and the sound isn't tinny at all. The microphone on the cable is fine for phone and gaming use and the controls on the cable work on Android and iOS just fine. This is a good headset for people with smaller heads than ours. Believe us, if you wear these in public, people will ask what they are because they are that pretty.

ASE Publishing would like to thank 1MORE for supplying this product for review.
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