Horizon Hobby Blade Chroma 4K Camera Drone Kit RTF

Aron Schatz
January 29, 2016
Horizon Hobby
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Chroma 4K RTF
Horizon Hobby Blade Chroma 4K Camera Drone Kit RTF
The Blade Chroma 4K kit from Horizon Hobby is an excellent addition to the camera drone space. The easy to fly features and the superb support of Horizon Hobby gives the Chroma 4K a good value proposition for the price.

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Video Review

Final Verdict

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The Horizon Hobby retails for about $900 at the time of this review. This is a $300 price drop from the month before when we received the product for review. It goes to show you how fast technology moves and the price is a good one for a product of this caliber. This isn't a toy, it is a high end piece of technology and must be treated as such. Thankfully, Horizon Hobby has years of experience and makes this product extremely easy to fly right out of the box.

This won't be the type of RC flying that you take off and immediately crash. The SAFE+ mode of the Chroma means flying and landing is easy. Thankfully, once you exhaust that, you can flip the mode to aerial photography and have that true RC experience. Since the controller and drone are built with FPV, you get a near realtime view of what you're filming. The latency is fairly low at about 300ms which is good for WiFi streaming. Be mindful of congestion with WiFi signals, they may cause the camera connect to cut out from time to time.

The specs say that you get up to a 30 minute flight time with the battery. We managed to get 25 minutes in normal conditions. We're sure that if we just took off and hovered, we could get closer to the 30 minute mark, but expect a 20-25 minute real flight time. If you are a RC hobbiest, you'll be unhappy to learn that the battery is proprietary, but you can charge it with any LiPoly charger with the included adapter. Spare batteries run for around $110. However, the trade off is worth it with the increased flight time and the stability of the entire package. Horizon Hobby did well with the Blade Chroma 4K Kit.

Just remember, responsibility is important and operating drones near restricted areas can get you landed in jail. If you are thinking of purchasing one, please be sure to follow all laws and make sure to not ruin the experience for everyone. It is irresponsible people that forced the FAA's hand in this new drone registry. Follow the rules and use common sense and we can all play nice together and have fun shooting video with our camera drones.

Here are some raw 4K videos directly uploaded to Youtube. Fields and Dreams, Snow Storm Aftermath, Chasing Brids and RC Planes, Winter Snow and Speedy Drones.

ASE Publishing would like to thank Horizon Hobby for making this review possible.
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