Sim City 4

Aron Schatz
January 19, 2003
This is the 4th game in the Sim City series. Sim City 4 is no kids game, but it will leave you with endless hours of gameplay.
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<center>SC4 Entire City</center>

Since the first Sim City, I have always loved to take control of a city and make it flourish (or fail). Sim City (classic) was an amazing game, way ahead of its time. Maxis (owned by EA) now hopes to take the once humble city simulator into the big time of today's gamers.


The history of Sim City started in the late 80's. After we got our first 486, we had to search for something that would keep me occupied! The game actually came with the system we bought. When I started playing it, it was pretty simple. Build a city. Even though I was young, I'd sit there for hours playing this game. Back then, nearly all games were trying out the Doom type of play (which was around that time). No one thought this game would be a hot seller, but it was. The first game gave you a top view of a city, and fine micro management not present. This was perfect for a kids game.

Sim City took a major revolution in 1993 when Sim City 2000 came out. This was the best game of its time. You had to be good at understanding how complex things could get in a city. Yet, there was a sense that you could just nearly macro manage it. I remember that your budgets weren't that important, but that your city would develop faster and you could bring in more cash. The graphics of SC2K were greatly improved (256 colors) and the game switched to an isometric view. The game also offered more zoning options that before. You could specify high or low density zones, and the sizes. With all these new game play options, it was a huge success.

Sim City 3000 was a major let down to me. It introduced so many new features that were very hard to control all at the same time. Perhaps in 1997 I wasn't old enough to do it. SC3K did offer better graphics and new full 3D rendering of the city you once new and loved. This game was a cosmetic improvement over SC2K, but tons more micro management features that made it unplayable to me at that age.

Here we are to Sim City 4. Keep reading, this gets interesting.


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