Logitech diNovo Edge Mac Edition

Aron Schatz
October 10, 2009
Logitech diNovo Edge Mac Edition
Logitech's diNovo line of products target media center computers, and the Edge is one of the best keyboards for use in the target market segment and is well worth the money.

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It has been over a year since the »last Logitech review was released on ASE Labs and since then, Logitech has some new products on the market that they hope will please consumers in this hard hit time. All companies are striving for your business and it is up to you to wade through the mess of similar products. Logitech has their diNovo line of keyboards strictly made for media center setups. Today, we are reviewing the Mac version of diNovo Edge keyboard. Don't let that fool you, the PC counterpart is pretty much the same and that is good to know since this is a nice keyboard.



Logitech's packaging hasn't changed in some time. This is good for the company since their green branding stands out on retail shelves. It is also nice to see that the new Mac versions don't add splashes of white to lead consumers astray that this is a Mac only product (which it isn't).


Logitech packages their products in a very nice way. When you open it, the first thing you are greeted with is a great looking keyboard instead of a crazy-to-open-box filled with zip ties and the like. There is something of an art to packaging, and Logitech keeps getting it right. Remember, this product is "Designed to move you."



Your looking at a pretty spartan setup. Since this is a Mac version of the keyboard, the normal Logitech Bluetooth receiver is missing from the parts list since all Macs today have built in Bluetooth. If you're using this with a PC, make sure you get a Bluetooth adapter. Better yet, you can opt for the PC version of the diNovo Edge and the adapter will be included in the box along with all the PC keys that you are probably used to seeing.

One thing about this keyboard is that it is designed to be shown off even while charging. Sitting in the charging bay allows the keyboard to be fully seen at a tilted angle. The black and silver look will fit right in with other components of a media center setup. One of the reviewers here is using the Edge in his media center setup and he enjoys it a great deal.



The first thing you should notice about this keyboard is that the standard PC keys are gone and have been replaced with the Mac counterparts. Gone are the specialized Windows keys and in are the Open, Apple and Option keys. Other than that, the keyboard is pretty much exactly the same as the PC version save for some button switches. The Mac or PC version would be fine for use with all systems anyway.


The left side of the keyboard contains the media keys for music/video playback and an extra left mouse click button so you can hold the keyboard and use the trackpad with two hands. Watch the video review attached to this to see how this function works out. Here you can see the different keys from your standard PC keyboard. No worries, this keyboard works the same as it.


The right side of the keyboard contains the trackpad as well as the volume controls. The volume control uses a swiping motion like how the iPhone unlocking motion works. The entire keyboard has status indicator lights on these special keys. The trackpad has built in "scroll wheel" areas. The top and right line looking things will mimic a scroll wheel. Once you start scrolling, you can circle around the tackpad to continue, you aren't limited to the little area of the lines. You just need to start in that area. This is very handy while in use since you don't need to use the keyboard portion to scroll down. The trackpad contains buttons for left and right click as well. You might have thought that there would be only one button, but Macs have had context menus for a very long time.


While sitting in the charging station, the Edge is sturdy enough to not fall out. It also guides itself in place so you know when you have the keyboard in the station correctly. Not shown is the AC adapter which plugs into the back of the charging station.


It is a fairly large keyboard and ASE Labs does not recommend for it to be used with a normal computer at a desk. There are much better keyboards to use in that situation, and the Edge is made for media center use. That being said, if you had to use it for normal use, it is perfectly fine.
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Testing and Use

The videos we've been placing in reviews are going through a transition. You'll now see someone in the frame to explain in more detail how products work and it gives a more personal experience. In this video review, your own Editor-in-Chief is presenting the product.

The Logitech diNovo Edge handles itself very well in use. The keyboard is very versatile and the inclusion of the trackpad (pretty standard on all diNovo products) makes this the perfect media center keyboard to date. The trackpad actually works very well on this product, unlike the previous »diNovo Mini. Since the keyboard is a standard size, you will have no trouble typing in text and generally doing tasks on the media center. The layout is standard and everything feels good. The keys have a good feel to them as well, being quiet but not mushy. Status indicator lights will highlight when you do the extra functions of the keyboard like the trackpad and volume controls. The volume control slider itself is very nifty, though you'll need to see the video to find out how it works.

Getting this to work on a PC (with Linux even) was fairly straight forward. You will need another keyboard initially to setup the Bluetooth connection, though. That's probably a bad thing about the majority of Bluetooth implementations: They don't make it easy if you don't have a way to enter pins in. Once the keyboard is turned on, it will enter discoverable mode. Locate the keyboard by scanning for it. It will attempt to pair it and ask for a password. Use a simple password of "0000" and enter it on the keyboard attached to the computer already. Once that is done, enter the same password on the Edge and click enter. Within a second or so, the computer will be paired with the Edge (make sure you set it to always trust the device so you don't need to keep your spare keyboard around). If for some reason the Bluetooth connection gets mangled, you'll need to have another keyboard around. Bluetooth isn't always all that it was supposed to be (due to the pairing protection). Even with this, it works once it is setup and if you now someone that has a spare Logitech Bluetooth receiver, you can use that without issue (a friend had a spare) and not bother with the initial pairing.


The Logitech diNovo Edge Mac Edition is an excellent product for the media center market. While the price is higher than other keyboards, for »$130 (or less!) you too can enjoy one of the best media center keyboards out on the market today. Logitech has made a winner with the Edge. While the older Mini had a useful purpose, the Edge is the superior product even if it is bigger. It is easier to use and the mouse inputs work without issue. Everything just feels right with this keyboard and it is a pleasure to use. As with all input devices, your specific tastes might be different so it pays to go to a store that has this on display to check it out yourself. If you do like the feel, you won't be sorry about buying it. Trust me, it is that good.

ASE Labs would like to thank Logitech for making this review possible.


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